Behind every good food is a magician. You can do the magic too.

How to Make Chicken Stir Fry Spaghetti

I’m a really big fan of spaghetti but i can’t say same for green pepper. I really don’t know if it’s the smell of the green pepper or the taste that doesn’t agree with me.

How to Make Gizdodo Sauce

What else can you have this sauce with? I only know how to eat it with rice🤓 My followers on Instagram suggested beans, potato, etc. Gizdodo sauce is a mixture of gizzard, fried plantain and sauce in the right proportion. Check out the video below to see how delicious my gizdodo looks. Ingredients: Plantain Gizzard… Read more “How to Make Gizdodo Sauce”

How to Make Porridge With Potato, Yam & Plantain

You can say I have trust issues because I say I can’t eat porridge without sauce. Well, I ate this porridge without sauce and for the first time, it didn’t matter. Trust me when I say it’s show stopping pottage recipe. Seriously, the videos and pictures do not do justice to the taste of this porridge.

How to Make Delicious Egusi Soup With Ugu

Growing up, I couldn’t take egusi soup. I used to fall sick each time I had it. Don’t really know what caused it then because I take egusi a lot now. My guess is the egusi soup I consumed at the time was either not properly cooked or my body system as at then didn’t just agree with the soup. What’s your Egusi Soup story?

How to Make Delicious Spaghetti Jollof

When I was a toddler, I saw attractive pictures of delicious spaghetti with vegetables and chicken on spaghetti wraps. So, I thought once you unwrap the spaghetti and pour in the pot, chicken, carrot, pepper and other vegetables would appear. My mum at the time

Perple Kitchen Okro and Ogbono Soup

How to Make Okro and Ogbono Soup

This recipe is tested and trusted. The cook time and ingredients are well stated in the video. All you need to do is follow the procedure and timing. For the ogbono, you only need to melt the oil, you don’t need to bleach it.

Egg Sandwich made with frying pan

How to Make Egg Sandwich With Frying Pan

One major reason I like this recipe is because it’s easy and fast. Best for quick breakfast lovers like me. You can add as much vegetables as you like in yours. Watch the video below to see what I added to mine. Trust me when I say this was so delicious. Enjoy!! LATEST INSTAGRAM POSTS

Boli - Roasted Plantain

How to Enjoy Ugu’s Independence

Who says Ugu can’t stand alone? Trust me. You’ll change your mind after trying this recipe and combo. Ugu is one unique leaf with unique nutrients. So, it’s not every time Ugu (pumpkin leaf) requires the support of egusi (melon). Sometimes, you just need to give ugu the chance to stand alone as a soup.

How to Make Sardine Salad

With only 5 ingredients, your sardine salad is ready — I had only N1000 to spare for my salad cravings, so this recipe came up. Believe me, this salad is so tasty. About six of us shared this and they couldn’t help but ask for more. – My sis was literally beating me for making the salad in small quantity🤓 So, I told her — “next time I tell you I’m going to the market, be kind enough to give me your ATM card and pin

Perple Kitchen Sausage sauce

How to Make Delicious Sausage Sauce

Enjoy this sausage sauce with rice, plantain, yam and so on. I had mine with plantain and was so delicous. Finally, I made my first recipe video during Covid 19 pandemic. The video before this simply explains my excitement while I was making this recipe.

How to Make Delicious Native Jollof Rice (Iwuk Edesi)

The first time I saw rice cooked this way was in Akwa Ibom. I was wondering what it would taste like since palm oil is involved. I tried it out and the rest they say is history😅 Been cooking it a lot since then. Iwuk Edesi is what the Efik people of Nigeria call this dish. It is so so delicious and I mean it

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