Food Tourism

We can’t explore the world and her food in one day, but we can take one meal at a time...

Another Restaurant You Should Visit in Ibadan (Cafe Chrysalis) – Tales of Food Tourist Episode 3

One fine waiter, dark, slim, average height attended to us, and gave us their menu. For the first time in a very long time, I really felt like compiling the name of noisemakers when I visited Cafe Chrysalis. The ambience was dope, but the noise that welcomed us wasn’t it at all. Trust me, I started with the veggies.

Boli - Roasted Plantain

Boli (Roasted Plantain) + Pomo Sauce – My Ibadan Experience

By the time i finished eating, my perception did not remain the same. My trip to Ibadan inspired this recipe. Boli (roasted plantain) as it’s fondly called in Nigeria is NOT one of the things i crave easily. One reason for that is my first and second experience after buying it in Lagos. The inside felt like

My Buffet Experience at Golden Tulip, Ibadan

My brain calculator was just like 7000 naira in Ibadan? Will I pay 7K for this buffet again? After payment, I majestically walked to the table to get my first course. They had different types of pasta, rice, swallow, salad, beans, cakes and more.

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