Food Photography

Amazing photos that tell stories, inspire your imagination, and make you thirst for more of the world’s goodies.

Spaghetti bella

I created the Spaghetti Bella recipe at age 12, out of annoyance at how bland the spaghetti made around me tasted. It is a fusion of fish flavour and peppered chicken stir. Anytime I cook this Spaghetti Bella for family and friends, they always ask for more.


I wasn’t a fan of okro soup until I visited Uyo in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. There, I ate a mixture of Okro, ogbono and pumpkin leaves. It was really tasty and I became a fan afterwards.


Agbalumo is what the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria call this fruit. Anytime I see this fruit, I remember my high school years — my friends and I would compete –Who would make the biggest chewing gum from the flesh of Agbalumo. I always came last. My taste buds were always against me, they don’t like things that are either too bitter or too sweet. Yet, I kept competing and now, I wonder why…