I Can’t be the Only One That Experienced This

Don’t even try to laugh at me or my story😅I often saw pictures of delicious spaghetti with vegetables and chicken on spaghetti wraps. So, I thought once you unwrap the spaghetti and pour it in the pot, chicken, carrot, pepper and other vegetables would appear. I was a toddler then and my mum at the time had never cooked spaghetti for us before.

How to Know If Agbalumo Will be Sweet or Sour

One of the issues some people have with agbalumo is its sour taste. Personally i think there’s always a sour part of agbalumo no matter how sweet it is. However i have noticed that if the entire fruit is sweet, a particular part of the fruit which is the seeds are always sweet. if the seeds of the agbalumo is sour, then you really selected wrong.

How to Enjoy Ugu’s Independence

Who says Ugu can’t stand alone? Trust me. You’ll change your mind after trying this recipe and combo. Ugu is one unique leaf with unique nutrients. So, it’s not every time Ugu (pumpkin leaf) requires the support of egusi (melon). Sometimes, you just need to give ugu the chance to stand alone as a soup.