GrillBusters Served me the Most Tender Asun I’ve ever had in Lagos — Tales of a Food Tourist — Episode 7

You know I will not fail to gist you about my food escapades. Last weekend, I had the most tender asun I’ve ever tasted in the history of my goat meat adventure. Wait first, let me gist you from the beginning. It started with an invite to come taste @grillbustersng food. When I entered the restaurant, I was internally mad at the fact that this portable, clean and fine restaurant appeared hidden, but come on, the reason I went is to taste food and come back to tell you if it makes sense or not😌

I looked through their menu but could not make a quick choice, so many delectable options — So I told them I would have one of the best on their menu and a touch of asun.

The food arrived after about 40 minutes (freshly prepared) I could not stop staring at the protein infused rice in front of me. My first spoon of what they called Braised Rice Premium had a blend of vegetables and beef – the beef had a grainy feel that I am yet to place, anyways, my second spoon lifted a blend of shrimps, third spoon came with gizzard, as if those weren’t enough, some well seasoned chicken were in between. @grillbustersng ma pami na. The rice was well cooked and seasoned to taste. I’ll advise you to eat as e dey hot, if you snooze, the food taste can snooze ooo. I later found out that the founder made the recipe.

Now, to the Asun I mentioned earlier — I had asun last. My first bite is what I’ll call mesmerizing. Immediately the asun entered my mouth, it practically dissolved into high spirited goodness. I didn’t have to do tom and jerry with the meat at all. Just that my yoruba spirit was not satisfied with the pepper — my tribe no dey carry last for pepper. All this was well flushed with some orange juice.

I lie you not, by the time I completed this project, I could hardly stand well, and the rest they say, isn’t history ooo. I slept like a log when I got home. @grillbustersng I am not through yet, will definitely go back for their fisherman soup.

Trust me when I say this meal is not pricy, considering the quality of the meal
Plate of Braised Rice Premium – 3500
Bowl of Asun – 1800

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