How to Make Goat Meat Jollof Rice | Happy Holidays in Advance

Jollof Rice Recipe for the holidays has landed😋 What are the spices you cannot do without in Jollof rice? Mine is curry and thyme😎 Those spices can turn concoction rice into jollof😃 What about you?

You can choose to watch the video below or look through the recipe after the video.


Rice – 4 Cups

Vegetable Oil – 1 cup

Tomato Paste – 2 satchets

Scotch Bonnet Tomatoes

Onions – 2 balls

Asun – 400g

Curry – 1tbs

Thyme – 1tbs

BBQ spice – 1tsp ( You can use salt instead)

Chicken seasoning – 4 cubes Margarine- 3 tbs


– Fry or roast goat meat and set apart

– Add tomato paste in oil

– Add onions and stir for 3 minutes

– Add blended pepper and tomato

– Add curry and thyme

– Add seasoning cubes and salt or bbq seasoning

– Add chicken stock

– Fry for 5 minutes

– Add water ( not too much)

– Check after 15 – 20 minutes

– Add asun or any protein of choice

– Add margarine and cover with foil to steam

– Stir well – Serve with choice drink


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