How to Make Gizdodo Sauce

What else can you have this sauce with? I only know how to eat it with rice🤓 My followers on Instagram suggested beans, potato, etc. Gizdodo sauce is a mixture of gizzard, fried plantain and sauce in the right proportion. Check out the video below to see how delicious my gizdodo looks.





Tomato Paste

Fresh Tomatoes

Red Bell Pepper

Scotch Bonnet

Chicken Peri Peri



Powder Garlic Powder

Vegetable Oil

Salt Turmeri


–Season gizzard with salt, turmeric, and garlic (you can also add rhyme and curry) and set aside for 5 minutes

–Boil seasoned gizzard for 15-20 minutes, check occasionally to add water if needed.

–Fry gizzard

–Fry Plantains

— Add onions in heated vegetable oil

— Add tomato paste (stir with onions for two to three minutes)

— Add blended scotch bonnet and red bell pepper

–Add seasoning cubes, garlic, ginger

— Add Leave to fry for 4 minutes

— Add gizzard stock

— Fry for 3 minutes

— Reduce oil if oil is too much

— Add fried gizzard in the sauce, stir and leave to mix in for two minutes.

— Add Plantains and stir for 30 seconds.

— Add fresh tomatoes (or any fresh vegetables) of your choice. Food is ready! Serve and enjoy.


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