Why Did This Have to Happen When I VIsited Whispering Palms — Tales of a Food Tourist Episode 5

Another gist but with a regret – my friends and I arrived at Whispering Palms too late to explore and couldn’t taste all the goodness therein. Why did we have to get their late? Anyway, despite the fact that we arrived at night, I still enjoyed myself. I should have got an extra pack of their well spiced gizzard — My friend and I specifically told the chef in charge that we wanted something very very spicy but tasty and he delivered 100%. The jollof rice and gizzard was an answer to our most pressing wish at that moment. In fact, we wanted to visit again the next day but Whispering palms was too far from our hotel.

Forget my pose ooo, I’ve never tasted that iced coconut water before, you can only imagine how I felt sitting under the palm trees with coconut in hands feeling the chills of the wind from a strategic perfecto water view. I also loved the fact that the surrounding had a touch of African art and worthy of note is the fact that they used ankara as table cloths. I visited Whispering Palms courtesy of my beloved freind — @sheyibecks who is now a married woman. She organized the tour as a gift to her friends before her wedding ceremony. Nice right?

For the record, I would love to visit again to explore the unexplored and taste the Badagry local delicacy that our tour guide @sewedortours mentioned and yes, I would love to take cooler pictures at midday — sorry i don’t have pictures of the water area, but it was so lovely even at night. If you ever visit Whispering Palms, say “Hi” to the palm trees and don’t forget to taste their peppered diced gizzard. Muahh😘😘

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Like I always say, “we can’t explore the world and her food in one day but we can take one meal at a time”✌🏻

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