I Can’t be the Only One That Experienced This

Don’t even try to laugh at me or my story😅 I often saw pictures of delicious spaghetti with vegetables and chicken on spaghetti wraps. So, I thought once you unwrap the spaghetti and pour it in the pot, chicken, carrot, pepper and other vegetables would appear. I was a toddler then and my mum at the time had never cooked spaghetti for us before. So, I started pestering her to cook spaghetti for my siblings and I.

Alas, she cooked it one day and served it in my lunch box. I didn’t see what it looked like until I got to school. I didn’t even wait for lunchtime before I opened my lunch box ’cause I was very eager. I opened my lunch box and to my surprise, all that I saw in the picture on the spaghetti wrapper was missing — No chicken, no vegetables, just plain white spaghetti

I was so furious and started crying. Days after, my mum asked if I wanted her to make me spaghetti again. My NO was the loudest. It was later I realized different ways to cook the spaghetti of my dreams. I settled for this particular recipe I call Spaghetti Bella. It never goes wrong. I created the Spaghetti Bella recipe at age 12, out of annoyance at how bland the spaghetti made around me tasted. It is a fusion of fish flavour and peppered chicken stir. Anytime I cook Spaghetti Bella for family and friends, they always ask for more.

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