My Experience at Ibadan’s Tamberma Restaurant & Bar, – Tales of A Food Tourist Episode 8

Temilade Adekoya

Ever washed plates to pay your bills at a restaurant before? — The first time I visited @tamberma_ng was December 2020, my sister had told me that Tamberma was the newest bubbling restaurant in Ibadan. So, I had to go check it out myself. On entering, I quickly loved the premises, so cool, especially for pictures. Now to the real deal, I entered the restaurant and hmnn, reminded me of secondary school days, do you remember hostel dining halls? Yes, that’s how I’ll describe what I saw.

Cultre & Staff

We grabbed a sit and I noticed the table cloth — made from Adire/Kampala, I loved it, the fact that a modern restaurant used our own Kampala, made me blush for a while. A beautiful waiter attended to us and brought the menu, she was extremely patient. I told her I would like fisherman soup with pounded yam. She came back to say that wasn’t available, so I had to go to China instead. I ordered beef in black pepper (3500) and the special rice recommended by the waiter.


By the time they brought my meal, It was sizzling hot and the rice looked like Chistmas — colourful and captivating. The beef in black pepper was tender and the pepper was pepper though not as much as I would love as the Yoruba girl that I am, but quite spicy. The sauce was tasty as well. If you are going to have this sauce, I’ll advise you to finish it fast because once it’s cold, you might not like the taste.

Their jollof package was lit too — accompanied by sausage, boiled egg, plantain & chicken😋 Their asun was so delicious as well and YES, the pepper was super hot this time, just the way I love it. Lest I forget the drink, I had virgin mojito. Hmnn, It is what I will describe as a mixture of pleasure and pain but the pain was more concentrated at the bottom, since I don’t like pain, I didn’t finish it, I tasted all the pleasure at the top. But overall, pleasant describes the drink. After our meal, we decided to taste their burger. Trust me on this — It was totally tasty even when it became cold. You should definitely give it a try


Finally, the waiter brought our bill and I was surprised to see that we had to pay 10% of our meals as service charge, apart from VAT (7.5%) — Haa!10% bawo plus tax? The waiter earlier told us that we would pay service charge but I didn’t ask how much, because I had thought it would just be, you know, something small. Thank God I was with my goons, so I didn’t have to wash plates to pay the bills😂 but I asked myself one question — If I knew the service charge is 10% apart from VAT of 7.5% would I have stayed to eat nonetheless? Imagine if the food was not good and they brought 10% service charge, would I still pay? Thank God the food was nice sha and thank God they are no longer taking service charge so I can go there with my full chest😍 – (Update: They’ve reviewed this feedback and no longer take service charge).


Also worthy of note is that Tamberma has cool photo spots, an open space where you can relax as well. I totally enjoyed myself, pampered myself with some fresh air and good food. If you have visited this spot before, what are your thoughts and what did you think about that service charge thing though they no longer do that. “O si n se mi ni kayefi😂” Don’t blame me, it was my first time paying service charge for food.

Temilade Adekoya at Tamberma Restaurant

Have you been to Tamberma Restaurant & Bar? Did you love it there? If you have not, you should check it out anytime you are in Ibadan, Nigeria.

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