My Buffet Experience at Golden Tulip, Ibadan — Tales of Food Tourist Episode 6

Few weeks back, I had my first paid buffet at Golden Tulip, Ibadan. When my siblings told me the buffet is 7k, my brain calculator was just like, “7K in Ibadan? to chop leaves and rice?” Come to think of it, I can get a decent meal for 2000 to 3500 in Ibadan and I will still collect change🙄 but trust my siblings, they did not let me rest until I decided to test out my 7000 naira.

There we were at Golden Tulip, Ibadan. We were ushered to the buffet arena and directed to a 6 man table. We met some people there and I was like, hope these people have not finished the food? My 7k cannot waste biko, but I realized they topped the food as people consumed.

After payment, I majestically walked to the table to get my first course. They had different types of pasta, rice, swallow, salad, beans, cakes and more. I had chicken pepper soup as appetizer and it was very tasty, the chicken was super tender. I loved it.

My main dish was pasta, coconut rice, plantain, and chicken in sauce. Seriously, I don’t know what they added to the pasta but it tasted like they added sugar in the right proportion😋 The coconut rice was well spiced and tasty, though, as a coconut lover, If I had my way, I would add raw coconut to the rice just to amplify the coconut sensation.

Before settling for dessert, I took some beautiful pictures at their pool side which by the way is N3500 per swimmer. After all said and done, I capped the day with correct fresh fruits as dessert because I’m watching my tummy weight moreover, I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I had zobo sha, shebi they said Zobo is medicinal. Lest I forget, If you like beans, you should taste their beans, a spoon will lift you from your chair to scoop more. Yes, It’s that deep.

I wonder why they didn’t play music at the dining area though ’cause I remember my sister was playing music for our table and one other table played their own music as well. Maybe, music would motivate people to eat more, so they played it not😥 Perhaps, the next time I break my bank, I will ask them if music is not part of the 7K.

Will I pay 7K for this buffet again? YES! It was more than worth it. In fact, I will pay double for the service I got

Can you organize a surprise proposal here? YES! I think he/she won’t have a choice than to say YES😃

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Cheers to a lovely holiday.

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