My Visit to Stone Cafe Ibadan – Tales of a Food Tourist Episode 2

Around Late June this year, I visited @stonecafeibadan for a single reason – I was craving peppered turkey and was too lazy to cook. On Sunday, we picked ourselves up, myself and siblings and off we went to Stone Cafe. I saw some people hanging outside when we got there and I was wondering why they were standing outside.

Apparently, some of them were wearing slippers so they weren’t allowed to enter — I was like – Wawu. I got to the entrance and we were told we can’t enter too, but why? “I’m not wearing slippers na”. They said the place is full! Damn! On a Sunday evening? This place must be hot cake ooo😆 Luckily for me, my sister knows an insider, she made a few calls, and voila, we were inside – some customers were just leaving so, we took their space.

Since I came for peppered turkey, I checked their menu, confirmed the price and ordered. To my surprise, they said turkey had finished. I decided to go for Asun, Asun had finished too. So, I was left with fish which is more expensive (N5000) but com’n, I cannot come to this fine place and take bottle water na + I was hungry.

So, I ordered fish and my siblings ordered shawarma. The shawarma came about 15 minutes later. By the time my siblings unwrapped the shawarma, I started considering changing my mind because it looked so tasty and big for just N1500. They were halfway into their shawarma and they were already saying they felt full but, my fish had not come😭

I called the waiter to ask, kilo n sele gan? She said she will get it shortly. In short, my fish came in about 55 minutes after my order. It was a long wait but the environment didn’t make me feel it much, you need to see the tush view😃. I could feel the fresh air, along with some soft music while cracking jokes. It’s been a while I did that, courtesy of COVID.

Grilled Fish, Chips & Coleslaw

Finally, my fish came and my wait was over. It was served with chips and coleslaw. I carefully dismantled the mountain, made sure my first bite was a mixture of the fish, the sauce, the chips and even the coleslaw. Brethren, my taste buds were just hailing me anyhow😃 mama rere, mama ke, ’cause that fish was gengen with all the dedene, and the rest they say is history.

To see what others are saying about Stone Cafe, click here If you have visited this place before or you do visit someday, add your views in the comment section.


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