How I Left My Corner Behind Because of COVID 19

You are probably wondering what this is all about. The truth is I’m wondering too. I’m wondering how we got here. It all started as news. First I heard was that corona virus is killing people in China and then I heard the virus is spreading to other countries and then I heard Africans are immune to corona virus. What???

That sounded like some good news. It remained news to me until I heard the first case in Nigeria. This isn’t news anymore, was what i muttered to myself. It’s here, right here in Nigeria. Then came the second, the third and the fourth case. By this time, my workplace shared sanitizers to all members of staff. Going to the office in a yellow bus became a big deal. Passing the always busy Yaba road became war. The fear of being touched by the usually touchy agbero for East passengers on Jibowu road rose from 1-10. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. Then the big news came from the office. We were told to start working from home.

The cases increased day by day especially in Lagos. By the time the cases increased to about 40 with more cases from Lagos, my colleagues and I became overly conscious. I remember my mum calling me to warn me. She told me to be careful and to stay away from crowded places including the market. Hmnn, the market, come on, that’s where I shop for food content. She even warned me to be careful with food, if possible I should avoid buying meat and fish. So I wondered, If I don’t buy meat and fish, what would I eat? Lol right?

That aside, I had fixed my vacation leave to March ending and planned to spend it in Ibadan and Abuja possibly. However, Just before the weekend I was to travel, I was hinted that the Lagos State government might close borders. Lai lai, that’s not my vacation plan. I instantly started packing nothing. I had planned to pack my lights, tripod stands and cooking equipments so that I can use my vacation to create more food content.

However, my mind was everywhere, I didn’t know what to pack and what not to pack. I ended up packing things I didn’t need and leaving things I needed behind. Alas, 4 hours later I was in Ibadan and it dawned on me that I left my corner behind. My equipments, my tools are all on lockdown right there in Lagos and Lagos is unreachable. I miss the inspiration my corner brings. What has the the current lockdown and COVID 19 made you miss?

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