How to Know If Agbalumo Will be Sweet or Sour

The African Star Apple season is here again. and i’m so excited. Some (Yoruba speaking) people call it “agbalumo” while some (Igbo speaking) people call it “Udala”. Experts say African Star Apple (agbalumo / udala) could help with weight loss, sore throat and tooth ache. Well, i don’t take it for health reasons. I just love the fruit.

While growing up, i always looked forward to Agbalumo season simply because i enjoy making chewing gums from the flesh of the fruit. My friends and I would compete to see who can make the biggest chewing gum out the flesh of the fruit. It was fun.

African Star Apple (Agbalumo / Udala)

One of the major issues some people have with agbalumo is its sour taste. Personally i think there’s always a sour part of agbalumo no matter how sweet it is. However, i have noticed that if the entire fruit is sweet, a particular part of the fruit which is, the seed is always sweet. If the seeds of the agbalumo is sour, then you really selected wrong.

African Star Apple Seeds

My freind recently shared with me how to know if agbalumo will be sweet or sour and i think you would love to know too. To select the sweet ones, pay attention to the stalk at the bottom of the fruit. If it is sour, the surrounding of the stalk will be green. If it’s sweet, the surrounding will be dark definitely not green.


So, i tested this hypothesis out and it was 80 percent accurate. That’s a rather big number if you ask me. I hope you found this information useful. You can also share your ideas on how to select sweet agbalumo in the comment section. If you agree with this method, also share in the comment section. Have a great week and Enjoy your sweet African Star Apple.

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